1.)  Q:   How do I pay for an order?
       A:   Add items to cart, go through checkout, select shipping or delivery                           method, then the bank information is provided with instructions on making               payment.
 2.)   Q:  When will I get my product after ordering? 
        A:  Once we receive payment confirmation, your order will go to shipping and                usually go out the next day.  If sent BPMS orders arrive the day after                        unless its in Placencia, Independence or PG they all arrive on                                  Wednesdays to be ready for pick up on Thursdays.
3.)   Q:  What if a style or color I want isn't available, can you special order?
        A:  We can do special orders which typically do cost more.  We can provide                  an estimate of cost and time for arrival for you.
4.)   Q:   Are your brands original?
        A:  Yes, we are authorized sellers for Columbia & Outdoor Adventures.  We                    import into Belize and are checked through Customs Department.